It's YOUR Wonder Woman Wednesday!

May 20, 2020  -  Wonder Woman Wednesday


This week's honoree is Aerielle Benoit! Aerielle is one of the original Founding Board Members! She has been by my side since the first post asking if you were interested in a Women's Chamber. She has stuffed envelopes, sorted paperwork, loaded and unloaded items for events, set up and tore down events, cleaned up at events, served on committees, acted as my assistant, done everything anyone ever asked with a smile on her face and was an integral part of the success of last year's Cajun Match Game.

She is also a Stylist, Colorist, Makeup Artist, and so much more at LaFamille Hair Salon.

Yes, she is also my daughter but I did not nominate her - someone else did so I can gush, she is after all always going to be my baby girl and this week she will be YOUR WCC WONDER WOMAN! Let's show her some love! Share, comment and send her private messages! Also let me know how you like the new layout of the graphic.

Happy Wonder Woman Wednesday WCC!

aerielle benoit wonder woman wednesday