Wine'd Me Up Wednesday Social Networking on Zoom May 27, 2020 at 4pm

May 21, 2020  -  Events
wined me up wed may 27 2020
Hello Lafayette Women's Chamber of Commerce Members! In a couple of weeks we are having a Wine'd Me Up Wednesday Networking Event on Zoom.
We would love to spotlight your business if you'd like to donate a door prize in the form of an emailable or snail mail gift certificate just private message me and I'll make sure you get recognized.
The way we will be giving away the "door prizes" will be with Trivia Questions and people will answer in the chat area. The first correct answer will
win a door prize. The number of questions will depend on the number of prizes we have donated.
If there's anyone who would like to send in some Trivia Questions for consideration please do! My brain is fried lol.
Look forward to seeing all of you on Wednesday, May 27th at 4pm for Wine'd Me Up Wednesday Networking Social on Zoom! Here's the link: Wine'd Me Up Wednesday