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Ribbon Cutting Committee

Are you interested in serving on one of the WCC Committees?  We are always eager to have our members engage and get more involved at whatever level they are able to!

We have several committees.  The Events Committee, The Membership Committee, and The Ribbon Cutting Committee.  All of these committees are accepting members at this time!  If you are interested in serving on a committee it's as simple as sending an email or making a phone call to the Chair of the committee.  Below you will find the Chair for each committee and their contact information.

Events Committee Co-Chairs:

Nancy Fawcett                          

Nancy Fawcett - Co-Chair                     
Phone:  (337) 247-5952                       
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  Nancy Roy
Nancy Roy - Co-Chair
Phone:  (337) 368-9119
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Membership Committee Chair            

elaine alderman Co-Founder                          

Elaine Alderman - Chair                      
 Phone: (337) 417-0000                      
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Ribbon Cutting Committee Chair
Tina Thornton
Ribbon Cutting Committee Chair - Tina Thornton
Phone: (337) 207-3160
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Frequently Asked Questions About Serving On A Committee

Who can be on a WCC Committee? 
     Any Member in "good standing" (meaning your dues are up to date) of the WCC is eligible to serve on a committee

What are the requirements of serving on a committee? 
 All committees have different roles and responsibilities so you would need to discuss with the Chair of that committee the requirements for that particular committee.  In general, the committees meet once a month and we ask that you attend the committee meetings as often as you can.  We also ask our committee members first to volunteer when we have events and need help working the event like for the registration table to check in guests, assisting in setting up for the event, etc.

What if I can't make a committee meeting? Will I be taken off the committee?    
No, we realize life happens and we know you may not be able to make every meeting.  If you have to miss a meeting we ask that you follow up with the Chair letting them know you can't make it and also after the meeting to find out what information was discussed so you don't miss any opportunities of assisting the committee.

If you have any further questions please reach out to the committee you are interested in.  You are welcome to attend any committee meeting to see if it is a good fit before joining.  You can find a list of upcoming committee meetings on the Events Calendar on our website but here's the typical schedule - the only difference is if we move a meeting due to a holiday.